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30 days, 30 recipes. if you miss a day, double up on another. no big deal. ingredients should be mainly plant-based, dairy-free, and “clean.” we’re talking greens (and other things from the ground), milk from a nut instead of an animal, and whole grains rather than refined. think fresh and not processed. so start your research and make your shopping list. nows the time to try that vegan salad dressing you heard about or those raw almond butter cookies you saw on the internet. maybe you try some hemp seed in your oatmeal one morning. whatever it is thats new for you--take a photo, list your ingredients and SHARE it. this is going to be oh so fun! it’s a veggie party and everyone is welcome--just let me know if you or a friend wants into the FB group. and oh yeah, our hashtag is #30daysofGOODFOOD....yum on.
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